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Search Engines, Web Directories, and Butterflies

People usually search the Internet to seek out information or to shop on the Web. Thus the comes the function of a Search Engine and/or Web Directory; send the Web Surfer to the information or to the products for which they are searching.
So, let's say you've created a website and you think the website looks pretty good ----- no, in fact it looks great!  On your website, you have valuable information formatted nicely or you have a product to sell that is neatly formatted and displayed and purchasing online at your site is a cinch.

You're eager to share you website with the world, and perhaps dramatically increase your sales through online purchases.  It's not that unusual to prosper from a Web presence --- millions do it everyday.  But there is just one design consideration that is of paramount importance which can not be overlooked, or else all is for naught:
Website Optimizing !
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